19 January 2018

'In the party of Lincoln, there is NO room
for intolerance... and not even a small corner
for anti-Semitism or bigotry of any kind'

10 January 2018

Trump Can’t Kill the Mueller Investigation

One of most remarkable stories of 2017 was the extent to which President Donald Trump was prevented from executing his many pledges—both on the campaign trail and in office—to violate the law. As predicted, courts, the press, the bureaucracy, civil society, and even Congress were aggressive and successful in stopping or deterring Trump from acting unlawfully. 

But will these checks continue to work in the new year..?

02 January 2018

The President has inserted his toxic brand of politics into every last corner of American life...

Rick Wilson @ NY Daily News:
One One of the most evergreen tropes in our national political lexicon is that America is deeply, perhaps impossibly divided, riven between two competing ideologies. This idea stretches back before the founding of the Republic and seems to take on only slight variations over time. Today, those divisions are as cultural as they are political...

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27 December 2017

20 Things Guilty People Do That Trump Does Daily

As a former criminal defense attorney, I've sat in rooms candidly discussing crime with thousands of criminals. I know what 'consciousness of guilt' looks like. Trump exhibits it daily. I hope you'll read and share this:

16 December 2017

Robert Mueller Just Took a HUGE Warning Shot
at Donald Trump & His People

Palmer Report:
Special Counsel Robert Mueller just delivered a thinly veiled and very public message to Donald Trump’s handlers: don’t even think about it. 

That’s the only way to interpret a stunning and well-timed leak to media on Saturday evening that could only have come from Mueller himself... 

13 December 2017

Five Takeaways from Alabama's
Startling Special Election:

A Democrat has been elected to the Senate from Alabama for the first time in a quarter-century, and the political earthquake has just begun....