20 September 2017

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Watch Rick Wilson Disembowel Trumpkin Bootlick John Fredricks

19 September 2017

Government Investigators to Paul Manafort:
'Expect to be Indicted'

Mother Jones:
pair of news reports  dropped Monday evening that indicate that the investigation into Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort might be reaching a boiling point, with CNN reporting that Manafort was subject to government wiretapping before and after the presidential campaign, and the New York Times reporting that Manafort has been directly told by government investigators that he should expect to be indicted...

17 September 2017

Three Things You Should Know About RT + Sputnik:


RT (Russia Today) and Sputnik are the two foreign language flagships of Russia’s campaign to influence international public opinion. Both outlets present themselves as media that provide alternative views to the mainstream in international news reporting. 

However, before accepting this premise, three fundamental differences between these outlets and what is normally perceived as independent journalism should be kept mind...

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07 September 2017

A 2nd Look at the STEELE DOSSIER:
Knowing What We Know Now

Recent revelations  of Trump campaign connections to Russia have
revived interest in the so-called Steele Dossier...

Trump's First Day As A Democrat President:
7 Things You Need To Know

President Trump spent his first day as a Democratic president on Wednesday. After months of being excoriated as a racist and a nut by the Democratic Party, Democrats suddenly found a man they could work with – and Trump seemed to revel in it...